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Did you know that often people do not conult an attorney when they have an significant event or situation arise in their lives. The reason is generally not because of the cost but because of not knowing the event or situation has legal implications. People often try to handle these matters themselves, ignore the problem or consult with family and friends. Consulting with an attorney is often never considered.  That can be a big mistake with far reaching consequences. The  most common events and situations involve every day issues with far-reaching impacts, including problems with: employment (termination, wages, unemployment benefits, disciplinary procedures), money and finances (livelihood and financial stability, mismanagement of pension funds), debt (disputed bills, being behind and unable to pay credit cards, student loans, taxes, or utility bills), insurance (disputes about payments and claims, confusion about policies and terms),  government benefits (Social Security, Medicare or food stamps), children’s education, negligence, personal injury, relationship breakdown and its aftermath, and housing, rented or owned housing (eviction, problems with housing conditions or foreclosure). If you are having issues with events and situations in your life and are considering handling the matter on your own and do not know where to turn for help, you should contact an attorney for advice. Many attorney's charge a minimal fee for an appointment and consultation.

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