website-link Snohomish County Superior Court

This is the Snohomish County Superior Court web home page. There is information about the Superior Court as well as links to local and state legal forms and case information


website-link Washington State Court forms

This is the Washington State Court form web home page. There is a comprehensive list of pattern forms used by the courts. These forms, in most cased, can be filled out on line and then downloaded or printed off.


website-link Washington State Law Library

The Washington State Law Library can be accessed for legal research.


website-link Washington Courts

This is the Washington State Courts web home page. Court opinions for the State Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeals can be viewed and downloaded. Court rules are available as well.


website-link United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington at Seattle

This is the US Bankruptcy Court’s web home page. This site has extensive information about bankruptcy and the court.


website-link Washington State Division of Child Support

This is the Division of Child Support web home page. This site has information on how to access DCS services and has a frequently asked question link.



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