Providing Trustworthy Legal Services for the
Snohomish County, Washington Area Since 1980

With extensive experience in Family Law, Bankruptcy, and Wills & Probate Law, Gregory L. Davies is your best option for aggressive and successful legal representation. He also offers Mediation and Arbitration services to help resolve legal disputes in a non-judicial format.

If You’re Facing a Personal Legal Dilemma You Have Come to the Right Place

As a solo practitioner, Attorney Gregory L. Davies provides a customized approach for clients dealing with personal legal situations. If you need a tenacious family law attorney, bankruptcy advisor, or probate attorney, you need someone who will take the time to learn about your specific needs and formulate a customized legal course of action to protect your rights.

Our team also includes seasoned paralegal assistants, and together we resolve  legal issues such as:

  • Family disputes ranging from divorce and custody to parenting and financial matters including child support and spousal support
  • Unwinding financial predicaments and protecting your assets through bankruptcy if necessary
  • Preparing a Will, Power of Attorney, Trust, Guardianship, or other documents to ensure the orderly distribution of your estate upon your passing
  • Providing experienced and professional out-of-court settlement options through mediation or arbitration

We will work tirelessly to represent and protect you. As a sophisticated negotiator, Attorney Davies has settled many cases without the expense and emotional toll of a full trial. However, we understand some cases must go to trial. In that situation, we’re the team you’ll want fighting for you in the courtroom.

Looking for a Washington State Attorney You Can Trust?

We’re so glad you found us. With more than 40 years of satisfied clients, Attorney Gregory L. Davies understands the personal attention each client deserves and how to achieve the best results. Our close-knit office team will treat you like family while answering your questions and responding promptly when you call. If you are looking for a friendly, compassionate legal team, look no further.

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