Probate & Wills

What is Probate and Why do I Need to Worry About It?

When a person dies, their property must be transferred to their beneficiaries and heirs. Probate is the legal proceeding which controls the transfer of the decedent’s property to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to the law. This is where an experienced probate attorney can help.

If the decedent had a validly executed Will, the property will be distributed according to the terms of that Will. If there is no legal Will, Washington State has established laws, known as intestate succession statutes, which control how the assets will be distributed. Attorney Davies has been a practicing probate lawyer for many decades, so he can explain how the law applies to your estate.

For a complete explanation of the Washington State Probate Process, take a look at this article.

Which Legal Documents Should You Prepare Now?

In an initial probate consultation, Attorney Davies can explain which of the following documents you need to ensure your property is distributed according to your wishes, and to provide for you and your family now.


A legal document containing instructions that explain and direct how the signer (testator) wants his or her estate distributed upon death.


Another legal way to establish the signer’s (trustee’s) intentions for the distribution of his or her estate that may minimize or avoid state inheritance or federal estate taxes.

Living Will or Physician’s Directive

A legal document that clarifies your wishes about the use of extraordinary medical procedures to maintain or extend your life.

Power of Attorney

Allows you to give someone else the legal authority to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated and can no longer make decisions for yourself. The power is granted while you are legally competent.


A legal action where a party asks the court to appoint a guardian to take care of and/or make decisions for a second person who cannot take care of themselves or make good decisions for themselves. This power is requested after the second person becomes incompetent.

Attorney Davies has more than 40 years of experience as a family law attorney. Every case is different and each client deserves a compassionate, experienced lawyer to guide them to the best possible outcome. Contact our offices at (425) 259-2775 or complete our Contact Form to set up an initial family law consultation today.

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